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Mailing Frequently Asked Questions

Below are several questions and answers to commonly asked questions regarding the postage and handling of direct mail peices. If you have more specific questions regarding mailing please do not hesitate to call us directly at 217-522-7744 or toll free at 888-545-6350

What does Presorted mail mean?

The term Presorted means that a mail service has sorted the mail into trays, sacks or tubs according to similar zip codes. Mailing software analyzes each database according to zip, and then generates a report furnished to the Post Office identifying the various locations of the mailing and quantity breakdowns. Mail is categorized by Carrier Route, 5-Digit, 3-Digit or Mixed mail. Each category has its own pricing structure that determines the overall cost of the mailing.

What types of files are acceptable from customer furnished databases?

The most common file types are: delimited text files such as comma or tab, Excel Spreadsheets and Access databases. Files generated for labels such as those from a Word mail merge template are generally only to be used to print labels and not recommended as database files.

What should my fields contain in my database files?

When creating fields in a data file, the following fields are often used:

  • Salutation (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Honorable)
  • Name: (Include First, Middle Initial and Last Name - These may also be in separate fields, but should not be mixed within the file)
  • Company Name
  • Address (This is the primary mailing address, including #, street, apt. or suite #)
    NOTE : If you have more than one Address field, as is the case when PO Boxes are used along with Street addresses, keep all PO Boxes in their own field )
  • CITY, STATE, ZIP should all be individual fields.

When do I have to use a tab (or wafer seal)?

A general rule to follow is that if you have a letter size mail (3.5 up to 6.125 tall and 5 up to 11.5 wide) and it is not enclosed in an envelope; you will probably have to apply at least one tab to receive automated machinable discount letter rates. Try to design your self-mailer so the fold is at the bottom and the indicia and return address are at the top of the piece.

If I have my own Presort Permit, can my mail be dropped at any Postal facility?

Presorted permit mail may only be checked in at the facility where the mail permit application resides. If you are an out of town permit holder, it is imperative to have your permit information faxed in advance to the Postal facility that will be handling your mail. If the information is not on file, your mail delivery will be delayed.

What are the minimum quantities necessary for a Presorted mailing?

Presorted First class mail requires at least 500 pieces.
Presorted Standard mail requires at least 200 pieces.

What is the minimum thickness required for cards?

Cards that measure 4.25” x 6” or less requires cover stock no less than .007”
Any card greater than 4.25” x 6” require stock measuring no less than .009”