Print Press

Environmental Statement

We believe that it is our responsibility to maintain an environmentally safe facility that relies on the most current methods known to reduce the overall impact of the print process on our environment. To that end, we started our efforts many years ahead of the industry in August of 1997. Frye-Williamson Press was the first commercial printer in downstate Illinois to be certified by the Illinois EPA as an Illinois Great Printer.

100% Recycled

ALL of our paper inventory contains a percentage of post-consumer waste, waste that has been diverted from our landfills and reclaimed in the paper manufacturing process. Our coated stocks are all 10% post consumer. Many of our stationery items contain 30% recycled materials. Every ink can on our shelves contains agri-based oils, rather than petroleum based oil. Effectively eliminating VOC’s in the workplace, our pressroom has been “alcohol-free” since 1997. Recycling 100% of our press waste and aluminum plates minimizes our environmental “footprint.”

It is our goal to increase our environmental stewardship by not just using recycled materials, but by educating our clients about relationships of size vs. press sheet waste ratios, coating vs. laminating effects, and distribution methods which may reduce transportation costs. The increased use of digital technology allows us to affordably produce eye-catching materials at extremely small, efficient quantities.

Going green in the printing industry is not just a single step. It is a continually evolving process of refining manufacturing to adapt to the ever changing needs of our clients. We promise to continue our efforts to make print a part of a safe, lasting environment.